What is role of operation executive at Infosys?

The following post is from the perspective of a candidate currently working as an operation executive at Infosys. We will be recollecting his/her experience for reference.

An operations executive’s primary responsibility is to monitor a company’s day-to-day operations and seek ways to improve efficiency, profit, and net worth.

It is tough to pin down what this person does because the job varies so much based on the type of organization.

Following are candidates’ experiences:

  • The operation executive’s role frequently shifts. When I first arrived, I was taught as if I were a B.Tech graduate, which I am not. Along with other candidates in the same batch, I went through Java, mainframe, and c# training, broken into three sections. Moreover, we were on the development team, often known as ADM (application development management).

  • We were meant to be software engineers. However, it is not uncommon for roles to change, for various batches to receive different training, and for trainees to be assigned to a testing unit. It is only that we got into the ADM units by accident.

  • Perhaps the moment was just right. So, in general, the role you will be assigned is not vital but rather a Job level 2 position. Either you will be assigned to support work, or if you are lucky, you will be assigned to the development team, where you will be developing code for the project, or you will be assigned to the testing unit.