What is RATER Model Template?

RATER Model Template

The RATER Model is a tool for evaluating the quality of your company’s services. It is an acronym that stands for Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness, each of which is a different dimension against which the quality of your service provision is assessed.

Using a RATER Model is a helpful method for identifying where there are gaps in service provision that must be addressed. A brief overview of some of the key considerations for each dimension is provided below.


This measures the extent to which your company can dependably and consistently deliver its services as promised.


Assurance refers to the skills, competencies, and knowledge of staff to assist customers competently as well as their ability to inspire trust and confidence in customers.


Tangibles refer to the physical characteristics of your stores, products, services, and marketing materials, ensuring that they are attractive and high quality.


Empathy refers to staff’s ability to build positive relationships with customers and demonstrate empathy and understanding of their needs.


Responsiveness refers to your company’s ability to provide prompt service to customers.

Conducting a gap analysis across all five dimensions can reveal the current state of the organization, its desired future state, as well as needed action steps to improve performance where necessary.