What is Radio Advertising

  • Radio was once purely based on radio waves, but it is now entirely digital. As a result, radio advertising is now considered digital marketing (welcome to the club, radio!). Radio commercials are a terrific way to get your company or brand noticed, and digital advertising makes it even easier.

  • You can now employ radio ads that are tailored to specific places. So, whether you’re targeting a local audience or a national audience, your radio commercials will reach the correct individuals. Non-premium Spotify users can also advertise through the platform.

  • Because of the account information customers supply to Spotify, the adverts they hear can be targeted to them depending on their age, geography, gender, and other factors.

  • If you’re a local business, check into targeted location ads, and if you’re a national one, look into Spotify advertising to directly target a specific audience.

  • Setting up Spotify advertisements used to be a time-consuming process, but the major audio streaming company now offers a self-service ad platform that is highly user-friendly.

  • Spotify Ad Studio also has a voice-over option, where you can type in what you want the ad to sound like and have it created by their in-house voice actors.