What is R in Data science

Features of R programming:

• R plays an important part in data science because it contains a software environment and statistical programming language that is specifically designed for statistical computation and data visualization, both of which are important components of data science.

• Top IT companies choose R above other languages and hire data scientists who specialize in it. R is used by not just technology companies, banks and other financial organizations, academic institutions, and pretty much all industries that require data analysis.

• Another feature that draws attention to R is that it is open-source and completely free.

There is no battle of data science programming languages.

R is designed from the ground up for mathematical & statistical programming at the expense of general purpose programming.

A lot of python’s popularity isn’t because it’s better at the job, but because it’s more commonly taught in universities and a lot of python fanboys refuse to learn anything else.

Unless you define data science as just doing neural nets with Tensorflow. But that’d be pretty wrong.