What is Project Evaluation and Review Technique?

The [Project Evaluation and Review Technique more commonly known as PERT is a form of Network Diagram PM tool that is also used to figure out the critical path of the project. This technique makes scheduling complex projects easier while creating realistic estimates of the duration of each individual activity.

It is a form of Network Diagram but it’s different in a way that it uses three kinds of estimates rather than just one. The first estimate, also known as T-O, assumes that the activity will never falter and all the factors that are related to the activity are going to be in favor of it.

The second estimate, also known as ‘most likely’ assumes that the activity will eventually encounter some issues during the execution phase. It will also provide some contingency buffers to fix the issues.

The final estimate is known as the pessimistic estimate which assumes that whatever factor that can possibly go wrong and ruin the activity is bound to happen no matter what.