What is process hierarchy and what is its importance?

  • The process hierarchy model helps people comprehend high-level, important, and crucial processes in a systematic and common way.

  • It allows your company to see and manage processes more effectively. It may assist in ensuring that resources are used more efficiently to deliver value in existing services and to fulfill future company goals.

  • Organizations may adopt a methodical approach to improvement activities by analyzing the processes that now exist, those that need to exist, and how they connect.

  • Process hierarchy is the beginning point for effective process management and improvement planning, and it may be applied to various levels of detail depending on the organization’s needs.

  • Day-to-day tasks, represented in work instructions or similar, are aligned to the top-level through sub-processes, processes, and process groups in a value-driven process hierarchy. Each level offers greater depth and information than the one before it.

  • Structured processes need robust governance to guarantee that they, as well as their value measures, remain current with organizational changes.