What is positioning in marketing?

Positioning concept in marketing refers to how a brand wants to build a image or mindset in the minds of people when they hear about a brand.
For example Apple when we hear apple company as a brand automatically their quality and premium price segment clicks in our minds.
Brands invests a lot in creating a position of the brand in the minds of people, how they want to get identified by in the market.
Positioning refers to image building or even as a identity of a brand.

Positioning is the final phase of STP, where you map out the different elements discussed in the s segmentation and targeting processes and position your product differently in the eyes of your customers than your competitors.

You want your product or service to stand out in the marketplace. This is referred to as your value proposition in marketing language.

You can position your product in one of three ways to gain a competitive edge:

  • Functional Positioning: Solving an issue or delivering a benefit to clients is referred to as functional positioning.

  • Symbolic Positioning: This refers to strengthening your consumer’s self-image, ego, or sense of belonging. Symbolic positioning is used to promote luxury automobiles. They bring you from point A to point B just like any other car, but they also satisfy their customers’ ego and self-esteem demands.

  • Experiential Positioning: This refers to concentrating on the aspects of your product or brand that emotionally connect with your customers.