What is PMO in Accenture?

PMO stands for Project Management Officer. There are various types of PMO.

Sometimes a single PMO handles two or three projects, and other times a project has its own PMO.
Essentially, they are in charge of all management talks about the project’s resources.

  1. They serve as the project managers’ right hand. They assist managers in locating resources and performing all necessary tasks to include them in the project.

  2. These individuals are anyone’s first touchpoint in any non-teaching work related to the project.

  3. PMOs are project management officials who handle resourcing on a project by updating their details in the system, approving your request for a transfer from one location to another, and a variety of other tasks.

  4. It’s a management/technical role where the primary responsibility is to retrieve reports, provide statistics, collaborate with managers, and keep track of project resources. You may also need to be familiar with tools such as SharePoint, Macros, Excel, and so on.