PLAGIARISM in SEO is the act of copying another person’s content and passing it off as your own. This violates copyright laws, which require that all works created by a specific author be credited to that author.

Copying content from someone else without giving credit can negatively affect traffic flow to the site on which the information is originally posted. The person who wrote the original content may notice an increase in visitors if people come back over and over again to read it but will often never know about these new readers (unless they are notified). What’s more, copy-and-paste plagiarism makes it difficult for search engines like Google to return results for that post because its unique value has been diluted with other copycat sites.

How to avoid Plagiarism?
Avoid copying word-for-word content from other sites, and always offer your unique perspective on the topic.

Don’t copy content word for word from me or any site for that matter. Share your unique thoughts with others to make a connection with them. Give people the answers they need and will genuinely appreciate it!