What is parsing in the context of NLP?

• A-Parser may be defined as a software component that takes text as input and converts it into a structural representation after verifying for correct syntax using formal grammar. It also creates a data structure, which can be a parse tree, an abstract syntax tree, or another hierarchical structure.
• The third phase of NLP is syntactic analysis, sometimes known as parsing or syntax analysis.
• The goal of this step is to extract precise, or dictionary-like, meaning from the text.
• Syntax analysis compares the text to formal grammar rules to determine its meaning.
• Syntactic analysis, often known as parsing, is the process of analyzing strings of symbols in natural language according to formal grammar principles.
Parsing is divided into two categories by derivation:
• Parsing from the top down - The parser constructs the parse tree from the start symbol and then tries to translate the start symbol to the input in this type of parsing.
• Parsing from the bottom up - The parser starts with the input symbol and tries to build the parser tree up to the start symbol in this type of parsing.