What Is Page Title And How Can It Be Made More Effective?

Page title is the title that appears when the cursor is hovered upon the tab in which the web page is open.

Following are set of rules that can be followed to make page title more effective :

  1. Make it relevant and short: Title tags are concise and to the point. So, make each word relevant to who you are and what you do. Although search engines allow 120 characters in the title tag but only 70 characters will display in search engine results.
  2. Write descriptive title tag: Make sure the title tag effectively communicates the topic of the page content. Avoid using single title tag across all the pages and do not use vague titles like untitled or new page.
  3. Include your store name and domain: The title tag is another way to display your store name and domain and get your store noticed by search engines and people.
  4. Include keywords and phrases: Use the most important keywords in the title tags so that the store pages will be indexed properly. If each page of your store focuses on a specific topic then be sure to use the keywords specific to each page in the title tag. Don’t make them all the same.
  5. Minimize numbers and symbols: Use words or phrases in the title tag instead of using numbers, symbols and punctuation.
  6. Don’t use duplicate keywords: Don’t repeat the keywords and write the relevant content. Make sure you do not use the words that would make it read like a sentence.