What is PaaS?

Platform as a Service

In modern cloud world, Platform as a Service or PaaS is a cloud computing model where a cloud service provider delivers hardware and software tools to their customers which can be accessed over the internet. Usually, these tools are needed for application development and hosting over the public internet.

The PaaS provider gives their customers the resources needed from their own infrastructure.

The concept of PaaS is similar to SaaS, with only difference in SaaS, provider provides with the actual Software for their customers to use, whereas in PaaS, they provide actual hardware for the software or application development.

Advantages of PaaS

  • Simple, cost-effective development and deployment of apps
  • Scalable
  • Can be made highly available
  • Can be migrated easily to Hybrid Cloud Model

Different PaaS providers

  • AWS Elastic Beanstack
  • Windows Azure
  • Heroku
  • Google App Engine
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