What is Oracle?

Oracle is a business. Oracle is a database server that maintains data in a highly organized manner. It enables users to save and retrieve relevant data in a multi-user environment, allowing several users to access the same data at the same time. All of this is done while maintaining a high level of performance. A database server also protects against unauthorized access and offers effective recovery options in the case of a failure. A standby database is a database replica produced by restoring a primary database from a backup.

Oracle is a multinational computer technology company that primarily develops software to sell to enterprises (B2B). It is most well-known for historically being one of the most pervasive on-premise database software providers for large enterprises, although through a series of major acquisitions over the last several decades, Oracle has become a significant player in virtually all sectors of enterprise technology, including hardware, business applications, monitoring and management software, application development software, and operating systems.