What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a field of artificial intelligence that gives the machines the ability to read, understand and derive meaning from human languages.

It is a discipline that focuses on the interaction between data science and human language, and is scaling to countless industries. Today, NLP is booming thanks to huge improvements in the access to data and increases in computational power, which are allowing practitioners to achieve meaningful results in areas like healthcare, media, finance, and human resources, among others.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the latest technology used to enhance computers to comprehend the human’s natural language. It relates to the interaction between computers and human using the natural language. The concern of NLP is to read, decipher, and understand human languages in a technical manner which is of great value.

NLP is under several technological experiments and researches which is not wholly perfect. Syntax and semantic interpretation and analysis are two main techniques implemented in natural language processing. Semantic analysis is quite difficult to challenge for NLP. Some other difficulties include the abstract use of language which is extremely tricky and difficult for programs to understand. Some topics usually require an understanding of the words and phrases used. There are forms, context and the way they are being used. These are the challenges that are complex and complicated for NLP. It also faces a challenge when the way of the language used is constantly changing and the usage of language.