What is NLP in Data Science?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the process through which machines comprehend and understand human language.

NLP is used to analyze syntax in order to comprehend the structure and meaning of human language. The language information is then transformed by computer science into machine learning algorithms that can solve specific issues and accomplish certain activities.

  • NLP is used in translation tools such as Google Translate.

  • NLP can assist in recognizing and forecasting the patient’s medical status or sickness based on his speech.

  • NLP is used in several word processing tools such as Microsoft Word, Grammarly, and others to check for grammatical problems in the text.

NLP which stands for Natural Language Processing is considered a specific use case/problem from the general focus which is Machine Learning which in turn is used and is an integral part of Data Science. NLP is usually considered as an advanced level of machine learning.

Some examples of Natural Language Processing would be :-

  1. topic analysis and clustering - mostly on recurring keywords by term frequency (see TF-IDF for a classic example)
  2. Language translation.
  3. Classification
  4. Named Entity Recognition