What is needed to be a MARKETING ANALYST?

Following a thorough examination of various studies, a specific set of skills is required of any Marketing analyst. 41 percent of job postings require candidates to have strong communication skills.

A whopping 71% of job offers require the applicant to be proficient in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is the most widely used tool, and even an entry-level research analyst should be familiar with it. This enables a marketing analyst to sift through large amounts of data, identify trends, and forecast future growth.

27 percent of job postings required applicants to be familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, while 25 percent required candidates to be familiar with SQL (Structured query language).

Tableu was required by 19%. We at Board Infinity provide access to our Power BI module, which according to the study is required by nearly 10% of job offers. We also have a full-fledged Machine Learning course, which is a minimum requirement for approximately 6% of job offers.