What Is Nash Equilibrium?

The best conclusion of a game occurs where there is no incentive to stray from the starting strategy, according to Nash equilibrium, a notion in game theory. The Nash equilibrium is a notion in game theory that states that the best outcome of a game is one in which no player has an incentive to stray from their selected strategy after evaluating the strategy of an opponent.
Overall, altering actions will provide no incremental benefit to an individual given that other players’ methods remain unchanged. There might be numerous Nash equilibria in a game, or none at all.

Nash equilibrium is an equilibrium position where no player can gain by changing their strategy provided that the other opponent remains fixed with his/her position.

The game can be any game starting from stone ,paper scissors to game of doing business in a competitive market.

A situation when each player involved in the game would not want to change his/her moves (“strategy” is the original word used in the official definition) would be termed as “Nash equilibrium”.