What is more important - manner of presentation or the content in GD?

Both. However, it is far more important to say something sensible than to say something at all. Hence, between the two, content is more important than presentation. Once the content is in place, it helps to present your point in as nice a manner as possible. The presentation has more to do with conciseness and clarity, than with using vocabulary intensive language. It is okay if your method of presentation is “poor” as long as you can get your point of view across effectively without being rude or impolite. Examples of rude, impolite or unacceptable presentation/behaviour are:

  • Even as another person is speaking, jumping into the discussion and starting to speak. In such cases, wait for a pause or if the speaker is not pausing, first establish eye contact and when firmly established, start with “if I may, what I think is….” Or “I agree with you. We could look at other facets such as ……”
  • If you disagree with a point that has been made, then launching an attack on the point or worse still, on the person who made the point. The correct method is to start with “some of you have said …… which I disagree with. What I think is….”
  • Using colloquial language like “the fundae is”, “cool” or mixing vernacular with English (unless the vernacular is a relevant quote and can be understood by all - if not, follow the quote with its meaning in English)
  • Forming a sub-group and carrying out a parallel discussion amongst yourselves or looking away from the group and focusing on something else - this will be considered as a sign of disinterest.