What Is Meta Description And What Is The Right Way To Frame It?

Meta description is used to describe the web page over the internet.

It can be framed the right way using the following steps:

  1. Describe your page accurately: Your description should be a depiction of what users can expect to find on that particular page. It provides summary of the page to users and the search engines. Make sure you describe it within 250 characters.
  2. Use maximum number of keywords: Using keywords into your Meta description tells the users and the search engines that it includes the content they are searching for. Search engine first examine page titles, but if they still cannot determine which site best addresses their needs, they then turn to the most relevant page descriptions.
  3. Use store name and domain: Make sure you use your store name and store domain in the meta description.
  4. Do not duplicate meta descriptions: Make sure you do not use the same description across all the pages. If you duplicate the meta description content on all your store pages then the search engine will assign lower ranking to the pages assuming that the content is either not unique or its being automatically generated.
  5. Provide unique description: Avoid copying and pasting of entire information in the meta description. Do not write the description that has no relation to the content of the page.