What is Lambda Expression in java interview questions

Java Lambda Expressions are a simple approach to using a single functional interface. It helps in reducing code length and makes it easier to read.

Below are some interview questions related to Java Lambda Expression:

1. What is the definition of a Lambda Expression?
It is a non-declared anonymous method that is handy for producing shorthand code.

2. What is the purpose of a Lambda Expression?
The technique used in it saves time and effort as compared to writing longer code. It increases developer productivity and makes code more readable and reliable.

3. What do you mean by functional interfaces?
Java interfaces with only one stated (abstract) method are known as functional interfaces. Other techniques, such as default methods and static methods, can be used in functional interfaces.

4. What is a default method?
They are the methods that caller classes will execute if you don’t override them.

5. Which are some APIs of Java 8 Date and Time
• LocalDate
• LocalTime
• LocalDateTime
• ZonedDateTime

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