What is Jenkins? What is Jenkins used for?

Jenkins may be considered as a free and open-source continuous integration automation solution. Some software development procedures, such as building, testing, and deployment, are automated. It may also be used in conjunction with a wide range of testing and deployment tools.

Jenkins is a tool that is used to automate various software development processes. Jenkins allows developers to constantly test software projects so that they may incorporate improvements. Jenkins’ built-in plugins make continuous integration and delivery easier.

Jenkins offers a simple way to set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment for almost any combination of languages and source code repositories.

Jenkins focuses on:

  1. Building/testing software projects continuously
  2. Monitoring executions of externally-run jobs

So, eventually you need to know about CI/CD, i.e continuous integration & continuous delivery. All these concepts are based on these practices and help reduce the wastage, time, effort, smooth and friction less software development process.