What is JBPM? What does jBPM do?

jBPM is a Business Process Management (BPM) Suite with a lot of flexibility. It serves as a link between business analysts and programmers. Traditional BPM engines are designed with non-technical users in mind. JBPM serves a dual purpose: it provides process management capabilities that appeal to both business users and developers.

Using a flow chart, you may model your company goals by defining the actions that must be completed to reach that goal and the sequence in which they must be completed. This substantially enhances the visibility and adaptability of your business logic, as well as results in higher-level and domain-specific representations that are easier to understand and monitor by business users. The heart of jBPM is a lightweight, flexible workflow engine built in pure Java that lets you run business processes according to the current BPMN 2.0 specification. It may be incorporated in your application or executed as a service in any Java environment.