What is it like working in L&T Infotech?

The following answer is from a current employee.

I started as a fresher at LnT Infotech. For the training, I was assigned to Bangalore. The company provided us with lodging and transportation for the course duration.

L&t training consists of four distinct phases.

  • C and SQL were the focus of the first phase (dubbed Pravesh). The instructors were excellent, particularly the C language instructor. We were given three days of training for each subject and were required to write an exam on the fourth day.
  • The second round (Bootcamp) followed the same pattern, with the subjects of HTML, XML, and c++. The test had a cut-off score of 65 percent. The papers were moderate in difficulty. If one pays attention during the training session, they may succeed.

We had a specialization round after Bootcamp. The entire batch was sorted into 4–5 categories during this training period. Dot net, Java, Mainframe, Testing, and EI are the five.

I was part of the dot net group. Specialization was primarily focused on a specific technology. We had to take three tests in this step, with an average qualification mark of 60%. The focus of the dot net batch was on c# dot net and asp and ado dot net.

Finally, we had to work on a false project in the final round. Again, distinct subgroups were formed and given a specific task to complete, after which we were required to make a PowerPoint presentation on the subject.

This ends our training, and we are again sorted into sub-groups based on our performance in training.