What is it like to work as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture? What are the perks? What’s the culture like and the value in the market


Working with Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer is a challenging but rewarding experience. When you culminate your training and are assigned to projects, you will constrict the work culture, and freshers will get a taste of what work life is akin to.

Postulating that most of you emanate from a collegiate background, you will not have someone following you about telling you what to do and what not to do. You must be curious, ask questions of your superiors, and do your work independently. It can be an arduous assignment because you have a lot to learn, you may not ken everything, your superiors will not have time to edify everything to you, and most of the material will not be available in the cyber world because you ken its company information.

There will be instances when you feel your elders are collaborating and engendering sublime outcomes while you are powerless to do anything but sit and visually examine them helplessly. This, however, should not daunt you. Capitalize on this opportunity to study and amend your aptitudes because not everyone is born a genius, and you will ineluctably become a senior and inculcate your juniors! So I wish you all the best