What is it like to be a data scientist at Accenture?

  1. Accenture’s data scientists receive intensive technical training and domain expertise training. We have to consummate internal training and tests to be certified as “data scientists” by the “Sizably voluminous Data Academy,” which additionally qualifies us for technical and visual analytics. A functional test in which one must develop a data science product/analysis is included in the qualification exam. We offer some of the most arduous training in the industry, in my opinion.

  2. Working on data science projects, I am incipient and have only worked with one software team. As a subject matter expert, I was entrusted with engendering use cases, edifying engineers about Hadoop and Map-Abbreviate, and mentoring analysts. So far, I’d verbalize the job is arduous yet intriguing, with plenty of sublime prospects for those that put in the effort.

  3. Pellucidly, data scientists require a wide range of skills. They merge the roles of the architect, scientist, designer, web developer, programmer, manager, and public verbalizer. If you opt to work as a data scientist, you should consider whether your current vocation fits into one of these categories. What adscititious faculties are the simplest for you to learn in a constrained duration? Do you require formal training, or can you discover it yourself? These questions can avail you get commenced on your data science journey.