What is IoT device management?

IoT being a disruption brings many opportunities in the job market. One such industry is IoT Device management.

Provisioning and authenticating, configuring, managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting connected devices running in an IoT environment to provide and support the full range of their functional capabilities is referred to as IoT device management .

A dependable and effective device management solution is essential for keeping smart assets connected, current, and safe.

To understand the importance of this job, we have to understand why it is essential to secure the devices. Devices such as sensors, network devices, etcetera are an essential part of the IoT system because they collect data, transfer, and communicate the data. The breakdown of any device will lead to the breakdown of the whole system. Therefore, it is imperative to safeguard them.

The IoT device management consists of the onboarding, configuration, diagnosis, and end of life process of the system or devices connected to the IoT mainframe.