What is Internet of things or IOT?

Internet of things or IoT is physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies through which they communicate data with other devices over the internet or any other communication network.

These devices are used to gather the data, communication, automation of the process using technologies like machine learning, wireless data transfers, the internet, and big data computing.

IoT is being implemented or applied in many industries, including home automation to make smart homes, wearable technologies like smartwatches in the health & fitness industry, farming industries for precision farming, etcetera.

IoT has gained immense attention in recent years due to its applications in vast fields and is still very popular because of its growth potential and new applications like infrastructure, maritime applications, health care applications, and automation of every physical activity.

One of the best examples of its growth is shown by E-commerce giants in their recent introduction of Amazon Go, a brick & mortar shop which is staff-less, and the general public will be able to do shopping using their phones.

As of 2023, besides revolutionizing the business landscape, IoT technologies have slowly penetrated our very homes. Today, IoT devices like smart home security and management systems are part of every other smart household across the US, and users simply can’t get enough of it. The future household applications are simply limitless and there is only one pre-requisite to join the IoT bandwagon.

Wondering, what it is?

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