What is important to learn before joining Accenture?

You’ll be required to attend a one-month general training course at Accenture (or any other accommodation-predicated IT business in India; the training will cover the fundamentals of computer science and programming principles, and you’ll be required to take exams at the conclusion. [If you’re not from a computer science or information technology background, at the very least understand the fundamentals.] It will avail you].

You’ll then be assigned to a particular technology, such as data warehousing, Java, SAP, PLSQL, testing, and so on. This is thoroughly predicated on the desiderata of the company. So, if you have certain hobbies and are adept at things like Coding, approach your training supervisor as anon as possible to optically discern if it may be adjusted. After you’ve been allocated a technology, you’ll have another month of ordinant dictation in that technology, with a test at the cessation, afore you commence working on your projects.

If you’re not in the IT field, you’ll have to insert a plethora of effort. Accenture recruits you primarily because your prospects should always be lower than Accenture’s. It is recommended that you understand at least one object-oriented programming language exhaustively and are habituated with the fundamentals of database management systems. Once you’ve joined Accenture, endeavor to verbalize with any of your CS/IT classmates. They will be of assistance to you during your authoritatively mandating training.