What is important skill required if someone is making a switch to program management?


  1. Master Technical Skills - While you don’t have to be technical to be a great Product Manager if you’re looking at smaller companies, it’ll be vital for you to establish some credibility and not always defer to the technical people in the room. For example, you should be familiar with data structures (the differences between MS-SQL and MySQL versus a NoSQL database).

  2. Find Something You’re Passionate About - Look for something you already know a bit of in a field you’re familiar with and may even have contacts in. Starting from here, you will naturally develop skills and talents that you will apply elsewhere. To begin with, you will achieve far more through sheer passion, drive, and interest than you will be attempting to do a day-to-day job.

  3. Research Product Management - Look at what companies like Pragmatic Marketing and Pivotal have to offer in terms of the variety of things that PMs do, and figure out which aspects of those descriptions ring true for you.