What is IaaS in Cloud Computing?

IaaS i.e. Infrastructure as a Service which is also known as Hardware as a Service. In this type of model, organizations usually give their IT infrastructures such as servers, processing, storage, virtual machines and other resources. Customers can access the resources very easily on the internet using the on-demand pay model.

IaaS cloud computing platform eliminates the need for every organization to maintain the IT infrastructure.

IaaS is divided into three aspects: public, private and hybrid. The private cloud can offer that infrastructure resides at the customer end, while the public cloud, is located at the cloud computing data Centre end and the hybrid cloud is a combination of both public and private cloud.

IaaS provides us with various services which are listed below:

Compute: Computing various services which are included as virtual CPUs, Virtual main memory for virtual machines at the user end.

Storage: IaaS provider provides back end support for storage for storing files.

Network: Network as a Service provides networking components such as routers, switches and bridges for virtual machines.

Load Balancers: it gives load balancing at the infrastructure layer.