What is hypervisor in Cloud Computing?

It is a virtual machine screen that can logically manage resources for virtual machines. It allocates, partition, isolate or change with the program given as virtualization hypervisor. Hardware hypervisor allows having multiple guest Operating Systems running on a single host system at the same time.

It is also known as Virtual Machine Manager. There are two types of hypervisors as defined below:

Type 1: The guest Vm runs directly over the host hardware, e.g. Citrix XenServer, VMware ESXI.

Type 2: The guest Vm runs over hardware through a host OS, e.g. oracle virtual box, Vmware Player.

Type 1 Hypervisor works much better than Type 2 because there is no underlying middleware and thus making the best environment for critical applications and workloads. To compare the performance metrics we need to determine the CPU overhead, amount of maximum host and guest memory and support for virtual processors.