What is Human Resource Development?

Human Resource Development is a framework for assisting people in developing their skills, knowledge, and talents, which increases the effectiveness of a business.
Human resource development aids firms in the development of their workforce through employee training and career advancement, resulting in increased organizational effectiveness and performance.
Many different opportunities, activities, and employee rewards may be included in human resource development, such as:

• Management and development of performance – Developing the existing and latent skills is important for improving individual and organizational performance.
• Employee mentoring – Mentoring will help the employees in providing a direction of work during projects assigned to them.
• Mentoring – Mentoring also helps employers in developing leadership skills.
• Planning for the future – Being future-oriented helps in sustainable growth opportunities.
• Assistance with tuition – Assistance with tuition helps in informing employees about the employer’s expectations from the employee and helps in making them aware of the organization’s goals.
• Development of the organization