What is Huddle Board Template in Operations Management?

Organizations identified the need to visualize the workflow of the teams within the organization. A Huddle Board Template, therefore, helps with this function. They are usually physical boards (like a whiteboard) with ‘post-its’ and ‘cards’ to keep a track of the activities to be done, representing a project or business venture, progress made by the teams, and the challenges faced by them.

Huddle boards are commonly used to track numerous metrics like the safety of processes, quality of products, delivery methods used, expenses incurred, budgets allocated, inventory in-store, team recognition, and anything other than these that teams need to keep track of on a regular basis.

They help the teams to plot out different activities or ongoing project tasks. This usually takes place in different stages of the development that the teams undergo.

Huddle Boards are not necessarily organized around the processes implemented in the organization. They can be used as live dashboards for different teams within the organization and cater to their specific requirements. Their purpose, however, remains the same.