What is House of Quality Matrix?

How do you make sure that your focus on customer needs aligns with the business realities associated with manufacturing and design processes?

House of Quality is an integral part of Quality Function Deployment and consists of a planning process and matrix tool (resembling a house) that places customer needs and desires side-by-side with product manufacturing and design elements, in order to illustrate the extent to which product development is based on the voice of the customer.

House of Quality enables a company to evaluate and ensure that the design and quality of its products are strongly aligned with the needs of its customers. Not only does the process help to clarify customer desires, it also ensures that the company’s value proposition is based, in part, on the ability to engineer its products according to customer need and demand. Using a House of Quality matrix to identify how each customer need is correlated with a product’s manufacturing requirements allows a company to pinpoint and prioritize design elements that can be updated to further customize and enhance its products and brand image.