What is GreyKite?


This brand new Python library GreyKite is released by Linkedin . It is used for time series forecasting. This library makes the life of data scientists easier. This library provides automation with the help of the Silverkite algorithm . LinkedIn created GrekKite to help its group settle on viable choices dependent on the time-series forecasting models. This also helps to interpret the outputs.

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Algorithms supported by Gryekite library

  • Silverkite (Greykite’s flagship algorithm)
  • Facebook Prophet

Throughout the long term, LinkedIn has been utilizing the Greykite library to give an adequate foundation to deal with top traffic, set business targets, and advance spending choices.

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Features of GreyKite

Fast training and scoring

  • Works with intelligent prototyping, framework search, and benchmarking. Matrix search is valuable for model choice and self-loader estimating of different measurements.

Flexible design

  • Gives time arrangement regressors to catch pattern, irregularity, occasions, changepoints, and autoregression, and allows you to add your own.
  • Fits the conjecture utilizing an AI model.

Intuitive Interface

  • Gives incredible plotting apparatuses to investigate irregularity, connections, changepoints, and so forth
  • Gives model formats (default boundaries) that function admirably dependent on information attributes and gauge prerequisites (for example every day long haul conjecture).
  • Produces interpretable yield, with model rundown to analyze individual regressors, and segment plots to outwardly review the consolidated impact of related regressors

Extensible Framework

  • Uncovered numerous estimate calculations in a similar interface, making it simple to attempt calculations from various libraries and think about outcomes.
  • A similar pipeline gives preprocessing, cross-approval, backtest, estimate, and assessment with any calculation.