What is Google Indexing?

#1: Google Indexing is when search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing can access your website content.
Google uses several technological methods for indexing purposes, and they include crawling, web-spider, RSS feed reader, etc. When an internet user types a query in the search engine box or clicks on the “search” button, keyword indexes start to process the data with search terms like keywords, phrases, or synonyms to return a list of results that most closely match their original query. This is also called searching through the web index.

#2: Web Indexes are important because they play an essential role in determining your site’s high page rank. The idea behind this is that the more popular a site is, the higher its page rank. In turn, high-ranking web pages are better for your business than low-ranking ones.

Google and other search engines crawl or “spider” websites to gain access to their content by using their crawlers or spiders, which are automated programs that can instantaneously index and store data from an internet site. Web indexes visit each of your website’s pages stored in a database where they are evaluated according to several factors: keywords density, backlinks, and age of the page it was indexed on.

#3: As mentioned earlier, internet users rely heavily on search engine results when trying to find information on any topic (whether it’s shopping online for new products or services or filling out an online form for a new job). Ninety-three percent of consumers begin their product search on Amazon and Google. ​

Any site that has been drawn into web indexes is considered to be indexed on the internet. This process is also referred to as being online. When this happens, a website becomes accessible by users from all over the world trying to find certain information about a specific topic or products to decide whether they should buy it or not – hence making it more popular among internet users, marketers, and businessmen.

#4: Having your site included in web indexes means you have an opportunity of getting higher ranks on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! since these sites will likely include your site in their search results.