What is GGobi?

GGobi is an open source program for visualization for exploring high dimensional typed data.

GGobi is an open source visualization program for exploring high-dimensional data. It provides highly dynamic and interactive graphics such as tours, as well as familiar graphics such as the scatterplot, barchart and parallel coordinates plots. Plots are interactive and linked with brushing and identification.

GGobi is fully documented in the GGobi book: “Interactive and Dynamic Graphics for Data Analysis”.

GGobi is a free statistical software tool for interactive data visualization. GGobi allows extensive exploration of the data with Interactive dynamic graphics. It is also a tool for looking at multivariate data. R can be used in sync with GGobi (through rggobi). The GGobi software can be embedded as a library in other programs and program packages using an application programming interface (API) (integration into a stand-alone application) or as an add-on to existing languages and scripting environments, e.g., with the R command line or from a Perl or Python scripts. GGobi prides itself on its ability to link multiple graphs together