What is generally asked in Verbal Ability section in Aptitude Test taken by TCS?

The TCS Aptitude Test has a section called verbal Ability section which checks the verbal ability of the candidate and the framing of the sentences and grammar. The test is conducted by giving all the candidates an email writing test wherein all the candidates have to frame an email consisting of all the necessary keywords given to them. The test is about 10 minutes and they have to form an email of about 50-60 words.

The keywords given are sometimes tricky and to make a meaningful email in under 10 minutes becomes a task if not practiced properly. Thus, candidates are advised to prepare for the test by appearing for mock email writing tests available online. This will help them with their speed too. Ideally a candidate should finish writing the email in 8 minutes, so that he can review his work in the last 2 minutes. The verbal Ability test is an eliminator round so students should prepare for it thoroughly.