What is Fractal Analytics' growth rate?

Fractal is a fantastic place to work. Fractal values its employees and has launched a new training programme for new graduate hires in 2015. The basic training programme will last two years, and after that, you will receive additional training for your particular career track.

You will gain knowledge of tools, techniques, and domain skills.

All employees at Fractal have access to a sabbatical policy if they choose to pursue more education or take time off!

There is a strong emphasis on individual learning and development, as a result of which there is always some kind of training programme going on in Fractal.

Here you’ll discover some of the brightest minds. When you combine that with the freedom to choose projects, mentors, and bosses, you get the picture. This is just the basic example of how one will grow.
You can work remotely, a coffee house, or a fractal workspace.(again, this is a new feature)