What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is when you send emails to people interested in your business and the content of those emails can be anything from text, images, to other forms of media. These are generally sent by a company or an organization as opposed to being personally written emails that just go out to ‘friends’.

Looking at Email Marketing from another perspective it could also be considered for entertainment purposes. There are some comedians who have made careers solely based on this form of interaction with fans through sending jokes over email.

In all its many forms, Email Marketing has been proven time and time again to be one of if not the most popular form of advertising in the world today. When done properly it provides excellent key statistics for businesses ranging from conversions to bounce rates.

In its simplest form, Email Marketing can reach more people than any other marketing technique in a shorter space of time and at a lower cost to the business that is running it. According to email-marketing-resources.com, “80% of consumers prefer email over any other form of advertising”.

Which shows how effective it really is and why most businesses have some way or another incorporated this method into their marketing strategy.

We have listed several key statistics regarding Email Marketing below, which will help you realize just how viable this form of mass communication really is:

85% of all email users check their emails at least every day. That’s an amazing statistic taking into account most people have multiple accounts with different email addresses.

85% of the population is a lot to reach and it only takes into account mail users. On top of that there are still a significant number of users who don’t have an email address but at least have access to their phones which is just as good as having one.

Another statistic worth mentioning would be how much revenue can be generated through Email Marketing: $95 for every 1000 emails sent (average per subscriber) In other words, if you could get just 1% conversion from your mailing list then you could potentially generate close to $1000 every single month with 3,000 subscribers.

30 seconds is all you get when trying to catch someone’s attention on the internet so any way you can save time and make it easier on yourself is worth taking into consideration. Email Marketing does just that as you can easily send multiple emails at the same time to several different recipients, with just one click of a button when using an autoresponder.