What is Electronic management of Samsung operation

The operation’s management oversees the product development process and distributes services. The creation of products, development, production, and distribution are all part of the operation management process. The organization’s entire operation has been managed via operation management. They oversee the control quality and quantity of purchases, storage, logistics, and assessment as Manager Operation. The operation’s management is reliant on products and services. It’s a combination of management and product services.

The following people work for Samsung Electronics as operations managers:

  1. They are in charge of managing the supply chain’s day-to-day operations Chanel’s chain, sales, and marketing

2 They are accountable for their own management plans, stock levels, and sell-through rates distributing merchandise to several accounts

3 They are also in charge of the use of direct financing and procurement.

The field of operation management is concerned with and deals with the production of goods and services. Operation strategy is a type of functional strategy that should aid and direct the operation and administration of any business journal. It is steered by strategic corporate objectives.

The goal of Samsung’s operational management is to make more money, using cost, quality, delivery, flexibility, and customer satisfaction as objectives. Samsung electronics focuses on five business sectors: semiconductors, multimedia, digital applications, LCD network and telecommunications, globalisation, and new trends in commercial operation. This means that between 1993 and 2003, there were completely different employers who successfully developed.