WHat is Digital PR in your terms?

Fast becoming the go-to link building tactic for many SEOs, digital PR came about as a way to earn high authority links from press publications by using PR tactics.

Quite simply, it is the most effective way to naturally earn significant numbers of high-quality editorial links, at scale, and involves creating engaging linkable content assets and using PR pitching and outreach to persuade journalists to cover these stories in their articles and link back to the source.

But there is more than one way to run a successful digital PR campaign, and we will look at four of the most effective approaches.

Quality over Quantity

The press release is to 1990 what digital PR is to 2018. A traditional publicist might send long, uninteresting, and one-sided press releases to thousands of journalists a day in hopes of earning as many media mentions as they can. Yet, there is no guarantee that any of these press releases will ever be seen or shared.

Meanwhile, the key to a successful digital PR strategy is establishing mutually beneficial relationships with digital influencers—often journalists—through deliberate and personal correspondence. These relationships last, and digital PR professionals can continue to work with their contacts to share their message indefinitely.
Digital PR also has the added benefit of improving Google organic search ranking by accumulating press mentions and backlinks on high-authority websites. The lifespan of digital PR is far greater than that of traditional press releases. Digital PR is the easiest and fastest means to earn thousands of views on your content.