What is digital marketing

  • Digital marketing is interactive and aimed at a specific customer demographic. Digital marketing is on the rise, including search result adverts, email ads, and promoted tweets – anything that mixes marketing with customer feedback or a two-way relationship between the company and the customer.

  • Marketers use these digital platforms and traditional marketing channels like Television, newspapers, billboards, and so on to lead prospects through their buy journey and keep in touch with existing consumers.

  • “Digital marketing” and “internet marketing” are not interchangeable. Digital marketing takes place on mobile devices, subway platforms, video games, and smartphone apps, whereas Internet marketing occurs mainly on the Internet.

  • Complex plans are built using content, SEO, email, social media, mobile, and other digital channels to reach and interact with prospects and customers. Tablet, smartphones, radio, television, computer and other traditional media are used by the average user to consume content.

  • Information overload has emerged from this frequent exposure to multiple media, substantially complicating the buyer’s trip. Brands have been able to stay relevant by making themselves available across several platforms and touchpoints thanks to digital marketing.