What Is Different Between Advertisements And Sales?

Sales and advertising are both functions of marketing, which involves getting products from the idea stage to consumers. The advertising helps inform consumers and business customers about the company’s products and services. Subsequently, sales reps call on consumers or business customers to close the deal.
Advertisement-means creating awareness about the product to the world
Sales-means make available that product in the market for using it by the consumers for an exchange of monitory value.


Advertisements are typically deceptive but sometimes accurate. Sales are always accurate.
A salesman will tell you what they have to offer, in some detail and attempt to convince you that their product or service is beneficial for you, while an advertiser may gloss over the details of a product so it appears better than it actually is and could even make false claims about its benefits.
Salesmen want to help you find the right option by providing as much information as possible; advertisers want your attention in order to ultimately sell something to you.