What is Dashboard in Tableau?

Tableau Dashboards offer a complete view of your information with the aid of using the way of visualizations, visible objects, text, etc.
Dashboards are very informative as they are able to gift information within side the shape of stories, permit the addition of a couple of perspectives and objects, offer a lot of layouts and formats, permit the customers to installation appropriate filters.
You actually have the choice to duplicate a dashboard or its precise factors from one workbook to every other easily.
A dashboard is a consolidated show of many worksheets and associated facts in a unmarried place. It is used to evaluate and screen quite a few information simultaneously. The special information perspectives are displayed all at once.

Dashboards are proven as tabs at the lowest of the workbook and that they commonly get up to date with the maximum latest information from the information source. While growing a dashboard, you may upload perspectives from any worksheet within side the workbook in conjunction with many helping items including textual content areas, internet pages, and images

It’s hard to look at the worksheet and understand the data, right?

Then how do you try to understand the data? You Visualize it for better understanding.

This is what Tableau does. You represent various things in a dashboard which is also interactive. You make the data better in a visualized form for better understanding.

There are different ways to represent your data in a Tableau dashboard. You can also use live data where graph and whatever visualization you’ve used in dashboard changes automatically.