What is cyber security?

  • Cyber security, also known as information technology (IT) security or electronic information security is the practice of defending electronic devices like computers, mobile devices, servers and other networks from scrupulous attacks.
  • Cyber security can be divided into the following categories:
  • Network security – The practice of securing the network from deliberate or any opportunistic attacks.
  • Application security - The goal of application security is to keep software and devices safe against attacks.
  • Information security - Data integrity and privacy are protected by information security, both in storage and in transport.
  • Operational security - The processes and decisions for handling and securing data assets are included in operational security.
  • End-user education - It addresses the most unpredictable aspect of cyber-security, i.e., people.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity – These are terms used to describe how a company reacts in the case of a cyber-security breach or any other catastrophe that results in the loss of operations or data.