What is Cookie Disruption?

Marketers have been tracking website visitors, logins, shopping carts, and more with these cookies. But lately, cookies, these tiny text files with small pieces of data, are in real danger. Google announced the end of third-party cookies on its Chrome browser. Many marketers have shown worry about the same message.

To set the record straight, Google won’t replace third-party cookies with new individual user tracking, and it also intends to remove support for third-party cookies. For years, marketers have been using cookies for efficiency and productivity. But when
its plan to cut out the third-party cookies from the Chrome browser by 2022 — it came as a shock to many.

Privacy protection and anonymity are the two main reasons for this step. It wants to deliver results for advertisers and marketers while shielding customers’ data.

Although Google Chrome isn’t the first to step out of the third-party cookie system, it’s the most influential one since it owns more than 56% of the web browser market, half of the total global traffic.

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