What is content writing? (Few types of content writing with definition)

Content Writing is about providing online content that people find valuable and engaging. Content writing can include writing a blog post, creating an infographic, or developing your website’s content.
Below are the few types of content writing and what it means :

  1. Blog content writing/blogging: Blog writing is a type of blogging. It consists of publishing articles on topics that are specifically geared towards a particular, niche audience.
    It’s the act of writing an article to share your thoughts and opinions with others in a public forum where they are free to give their feedback about what you’ve written.

  2. Copywriting : Answer: Copywriting is the art of using words to engage your audience. It’s the process of taking information and presenting it in a way that someone will want to read or watch, listen to, etc.
    A good copywriter is aware not only of what they want their audience to believe about their product but also of how they can do so persuasively. The best copywriters are those who not only know how to tell an engaging story but also how one makes a sale without sounding like you’re selling anything at all.

  3. Technical Writing: Technical Writing is the act of making content such as a manual, guidebook, or instruction more understandable to its audience. As a communication discipline and profession, it is the systematic production of textual documents designed to meet the needs of specific audiences for specific purposes. It draws on tools such as pictures (charts and diagrams), graphs, diagrams, narratives, and testimonials from sources with knowledge in a given topic area who are not writers themselves—and from this information produces text that meets objectives set by the author. Technical writing can be seen everywhere around us – think of road signs or warnings on medication packets.

  4. Social Media Content Writing: Social media content writing is the art and science of getting people to engage with your business or personal brand on social media. It’s a specific form of copywriting but they’re not written for print they’re written for social. Sometimes it can be as simple as capturing a moment in time and posting it onto Facebook or Twitter, providing context and commentary on something you care about - sometimes it’s just putting words into an interesting graphic that captures attention because there are lots of pixels competing for people’s attention.

  5. Email content writing: Email content writing includes crafting subject lines and copies that will entice the prospect with relevant information, such as how your product or service may address their specific needs. The email should make it apparent to readers what the benefit of them corresponding with you is. This can usually be achieved by providing various ways in which they can contact you, including an email form and a toll-free number.