What is coaching?

Some professional coaches offer help to their clients, either providing motivation to conquer a serious issue or providing career coaching so someone can find the job that’s best for them. There are also coaches throughout the workplace. Some companies have a mentorship program in place where the mentor becomes like a coach to their mentee. Other companies may provide coaching through the human resources department to employees who need guidance navigating a workplace issue or would like help in figuring out which position at the company is the right one for them.

In all of these situations, a coach’s objective is to speak with you, ask you deep questions and help you learn more about your own situation so that you can either come up with solutions or be open to hearing the solutions of others. To fully understand you and what you’re going through so they can provide the assistance you need, a coach has to ask important questions about your past, present and, sometimes, how you envision the future. They also need to learn more about your goals
By knowing more about you, they’ll be able to cater their suggestions to your unique situation and personality, motivate you and hold you accountable for the actions you agree to take. A coach is there to provide a safe space where you can open up and share your thoughts and feelings without being judged. Simply put, coaching is the process of working with a client, coworker or another individual to help them recognize their goals and how to achieve them.

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