What is CaaS?

Container as a Service

Containers as a Service or CaaS is a cloud service model that is designed to manage and deploy apps using container-based abstraction.

The CaaS provider offers the framework, or the orchestration platform, on which the containers are deployed and managed, and it’s through this orchestration that key IT functions such as deploying, updating or removing any container are automated.

More and more usage of containerized deployments is making CaaS is one of the most used cloud service.

Advantages of CaaS

  • Very quick to set up, as the only requirement is a Docker Image.
  • Services like serverless containerization are making it very cheaper to use.
  • Updating a service or application is very easy, as you only need to update the docker image.
  • Usage of CI/CD pipelines can automate the deployment and updating the existing deployment.

Examples of CaaS

  • Azure Container Instances
  • Google Cloud Run
  • Heroku
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Is CaaS same as AWS ?